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The Heroes

Six children from another world appear in the Realm of Dungeons and Dragons via a portal from an amusement park ride.

Hank, the oldest, was given a bow that fires powerful energy arrows that could be used for offense and defense. It also could create cages, glass walls, and seemed to always know what Hank was wanting to do. Hank was the unspoken leader of the group. He was named the Ranger.

His worst fear was that he would fail the group in their quest to get home.

Diana, second eldest, was given a Javelin that would aid her in acrobatic stunts, and defense, she was called acrobat. Being a gymnastic enthusiast, the javelin became quite useful in death defying stunts. Diana seemed to have a close friendship with Hank, though this was never explored.


Sheila, next eldest, was given a hooded cloak that gave her the power of invisibility and for the most part untouchable. It was noted that according to the series bible, the cloak would allow her to pass thru certain types of walls. This was never mentioned in the tv series. Sheila was named Thief, but was the only one in the group whose title was never spoken aloud. It was also implied she and Hank were a couple, but never confirmed.


Eric, next in line, was given a gold shield emblazoned with a bird symbol that would protect him and his friends. Eric was a spolied rich kid, who thought money was the answer to any problem. He was the most hard to get along with person of the group. He was named Cavalier.

Eric was a base coward, and desperate to get home, but when push came to shove, Eric has proved his loyalty to his fellow adventureres.


Presto, next youngest, was given a pointy wizard hat (next to Hank’s Bow, probably the most powerful and useful of the weapons) that could conjure up various creatures, and items, and was useful in offensive and defensive spells. Trouble was, Presto was a rank amateur, always performing magic tricks on earth that nearly always backfired. The hat, for the most part reflected this, giving out items that sometimes are useful, or not at all.

Finally there was Bobby, Sheila’s headstrong 9 year old brother. He was given a club that could destroy barriers, lift up enemies and throw them, and deflect offensive magic spells. He was named Barbarian.

Typical of a kid, Bobby was reckless and brave. Often charging into danger without thinking.

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